A rare glimpse of the subtle drama that unfolds within the walls of a public ladies room. (2015)

Directed by: Marie Ward
Featuring: Tamara HickeyMichelle NoldenClaire Dennis
Rebecca PoffMarlaina AndreAnne FrancisAngela Besharah

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Private Eye

Private Eye, a humorous short film of two detectives. (2014)

Directed by: Michelle Nolden
Featuring: Carlos DiazGeoff KidderJeff Pustil

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We Need A Hero.jpg

We Need a Hero

Being a super hero is about more than just strength. It is about courage, perseverance and risking defeat. (2013)

Directed by: Michelle NoldenMatthew Lochner
Ryan Lapadat

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A Man's World

A father and his son navigate the mores of male behaviour and communication through the world of hockey. (2012)

Directed by: Michelle Nolden
Featuring: Zachary BlochPaul BraunsteinMatt Gordon
Gabriel Hogan

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Angel, living in an alleyway, suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. She asks Dylan, 15, for change; he instead offers her a sandwich and some of his time. In a moment of clarity Angel shares a connecting moment with Dylan. But it passes, emotions run high, and suddenly Dylan has grown up. (2007)

Directed by: Michelle Nolden
Featuring: Jack KnightAllegra Fulton

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