FishHeads is a 26 x 11 science adventure series for kids that explores what is going on under the waves and around the shorelines as our hosts discover the aquatic world of Ontario, the rest of Canada and beyond. The series brings us up-close and personal with the creatures that live in, under and around the water.

Our young hosts, Sayat and Christian and their animated buddy Leo the Catfish, will introduce us to a new watery friend in each episode. They’ll head out on an amazing adventure where they’ll get their hands wet assisting with a project on the go. They’ll get a first-hand look at our featured creature and the challenges it faces, and discover what we can do to help.

Lakes, streams, oceans, rivers, tidal pools… we’re diving in, exploring these amazing eco-systems and getting an intimate look at the creatures that call them home. Premiering on TVO in 2019, FishHeads is Adventure with a capital ‘A’.