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The Exceptional Life is a 12-part documentary web series that teams Development Pediatrician Dr. Joelene Huber, a specialist in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and real-life “Nanny 911” Behaviour Therapist Sarah Davis. Together they’ll work closely with parents raising children with Autism, focusing on key communication, social skills and behaviour issues. With targeted ABA therapies and support over a 12 week period our experts will help add to our parent’s toolkit. This is an intimate look into life with ASD as we follow in real-time the successes and challenges our families face.

For most families who have a child diagnosed on #autism they have to wait YEARS to get the important behaviour therapy they need for their child and their family to thrive. "The Exceptional Life" is a pilot for a web series created to help parents who are stuck on those waiting lists and without support. The series profiles families working closely with Dr. Joelene Huber and behaviour therapist Sarah Davis  on key social, communication and behaviour issues.

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This series is anchored by Dr. Joelene Huber, a Developmental Pediatrician specializing in diagnosing and treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) throughout their childhood and adolescence. Dr. Joelene is a well-known
medical journalist and regular contributor to CBC National Network, Rogers and Bell Media networks, as well as a guest columnist for Today’s Parent and The Globe and Mail.

Along with Sarah Davis, a Behaviour Therapist and real life “Nanny 911” who specializes in ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis, the gold-standard therapy for treating children with ASD), this interdisciplinary pair will help three families with children on the Autism Spectrum over an intensive six month period.

The Exceptional Life is a 12-part documentary web series that follows Dr. Joelene and Sarah as they guide three families through the challenging realities of raising a child with ASD; providing therapy tools, intervention strategies, and support over a twelve week period. This is a raw, firsthand look as we follow, in real-time the struggles and triumphs that parents of children with ASD face.